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Hand-painted Schleich brand figurine representing a griffon vulture.This bird of prey lives...

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Product description : Vulture Figurine

Hand-painted Schleich brand figurine representing a griffon vulture.

This bird of prey lives throughout Europe, North Africa and Asia. The preferred habitat of this bird of prey is open areas as well as rocky cliffs and gorges. Its plumage is reddish-brown and its wings black-gray, its neck is almost bare and it has a ruff of white down. Vultures play a vital role in the ecosystem. They ingest dead animals which could otherwise spread diseases.

Did you know?
The vulture does not detect carrion by smell. He spots them thanks to his excellent visual acuity.

Dimensions of the figurine: 6.1 x 3.7 x 6.8 cm (L x D x H)

  • Reference Schleich-14847
  • Brand Schleich
  • Product code ART0000193477
  • Collection Schleich - Wild Life
  • Recommended age From 3 to 8 years
  • Article dimension 6,10 x 3,70 x 6,80 cm
  • Packaging dimension 6 x 8 x 3 cm
  • Weight 44 g
  • Safety Attention ! Ne peut être utilisé par des enfants de moins de 3 ans
trop belle
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trop belle

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Par the 14/11/2022 14:39:30

Top qualité et représentatif de l espèce. très belle figurine

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