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Discover the comfort balance bike from the Smoby brand.The balance bike allows the child...

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Product description : Comfort balance bike

Discover the comfort balance bike from the Smoby brand.

The balance bike allows the child to develop their balance, coordination and confidence. This is the most effective and fun way to prepare the child for moving onto a real bike: once the balance is already acquired, the transition will take place naturally and with complete confidence, without using the small wheels.

The Comfort Balance Bike is robust and made of metal, ultra light (2.9kg) and easy to handle, which promises pleasant rides thanks to its grippy, puncture-proof and silent wheels.

The angle of turning is limited to 30° for greater safety.

In addition, the adjustable saddle will allow prolonged use from 2 years to 5 years.

Thanks to its design, the child will be able to easily straddle the balance bike and place their feet on the central platform to experience all the sensations of balance.

The central stand allows you to park the balance bike wherever you want and store it more easily !

The balance bike is gray metal with white handlebars. The saddle and handlebar grips are brown.

Go for a ride with your super balance bike, the adventure is yours!

The helmet is not included. Made in Spain.

Dimensions: 76 x 39 x 52 cm

Seat height: 33-38 cm

Suitable for children from 2 years old.


  • Reference Smoby-7/770126
  • Brand Smoby
  • Product code ART0000203847
  • Recommended age From 2 to 5 years
  • Provenance Spain
  • Packaging dimension 15 x 68 x 30 cm
  • Weight 3090 g
  • Safety Attention ! Ne peut être utilisé par des enfants de moins de 2 ans
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Fondée en 1924, la marque Smoby est le premier fabricant de jouets français implanté dans le Jura. La marque propose tout un monde coloré à destination des bébés et des enfants.
La marque a su évoluer avec le temps et proposer différentes gammes de produits pour répondre aux besoins des enfants. Et c’est grâce à cette notoriété que la marque a su imposer son propre univers dans le monde du jouet de plein air.

La marque Smoby est composée de plusieurs gammes comme les gammes Black and Decker, My Beauty, Smoby Green, Cotoons, Baby Care, Silence ça pousse et Be fun. De nombreux produits de cette gamme sont présents sur notre site

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