Janod wooden toys

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Janod is a French manufacturer located in the Jura of design and marketing of traditional games famous for its wooden toys and colorful ranges. Janod is known for the quality and finish of its wooden toys: wooden puzzles or ludo-educational cardboard.

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Wooden games and toys Janod

His ranges of awakening games and music are undoubtedly the best known. Janod knows how to offer beautiful products, designed with noble materials, both playful, contemporary, sustainable and adapted to children. Janod has established his own universe in the world of wooden toys, so you will discover different categories.

In the Games and Toys category, you can find the awakening games, the first construction games, imitation games, board games, educational and scientific games, outdoor games and creative hobbies. Finally, the other categories offered by the brand are Puzzles, Figurines, and Costumes and Birthday.

Janod ranges for everyone

Janod toys help children to dream and grow safely, since all the company’s products are manufactured in accordance with French standards. This company focuses on the creativity of the brand: its teams of designers are looking for original ideas to accompany children from 12 months to 9 years, and whose goal is to help them flourish, imagine and accompany them to grow. Janod offers a part of its range in French manufacture.

Janod is a versatile wooden toy brand that offers several ranges for children according to desires. Does your child love to learn and school doesn’t bother him more than that? Janod offers the Essentiel Janod range. In this range, you will find educational games to develop your child’s learning with games including Learn the time, Learn to write, Count, Fractions and Volumes. Your child prefers to go outside and do like mom and dad in the garden? The Happy Garden Janod range is perfect. You can offer your child a wheelbarrow or a large rake and if he wants to have more fun then why not offer him the outdoor game My first petanque? He will love it. Your child is a DIY apprentice? No worries, the Brico-Kids Janod range is made for that. You will find a giant Magnetic Workbench, a Toolbox, a Wood Drill and a Wood Chainsaw, so many choices!

Which Janod games to choose for a baby?

Looking for awakening games for children from 0 to 1 years? Janod has what you need and offers quality, robust and warm toys that stimulate babies from 6 months. The first bowlers, tops, then come the Janod embedding games, the Janod stacking games or the pull toys. From 12 months, you will also find pretty wooden walking trolleys and Janod activity tables. For a birth gift, you can also choose a rocking horse, which will serve as a decoration for a child’s room at birth until it becomes a game.

Discover the musical instruments Janod

Janod has developed two ranges of wooden musical instruments to awaken children from the earliest ages. The first, the Janod Confetti musical instrument range is colorful and attractive for children. With these imitation toys, children have fun doing like the big ones. They wave maracas, strum their first chords on small guitars and learn music while playing. The second range is the Sunshine Janod range, you can then offer your child a musical set, the toy My first drum and a musical table. Your child will love making music and creating their own melodies with these Janod musical instruments.

Janod games that strengthen knowledge

Janod toys allow your child to develop their learning. However, some even allow you to develop your child’s knowledge. Indeed, for this, Janod created the Magneti'Book range reserved for children from 3 to 8 years. As the name suggests, they are mainly magnetic boxes in the shape of books. These Janod interactive boxes are educational and will allow your child to develop his knowledge while having fun. In this varied range, you can offer him the Magneti'Books Métiers, Cosmos, Animaux, Sports, Bolides and 4 seasons. They are perfect for learning more about a specific topic both alone and with others. These sets of Janod magnets are composed of magnetic holders, magnets and cards, your child will be able to discover a multitude of trades, sports, etc. According to the boxes Magneti'Books Janod, your child will be able to reconstitute things and create new ones for even more fun!

Creative hobbies Janod with various activities

Want to keep your child entertained for hours by making sure they’re having fun? Look no further, Janod offers a large selection of creative leisure games with activities ranging from painting, mosaic, sand, pixel art and the creation of jewelry and bracelets. For all that is jewelry creation, your child will love the various Janod Creative Kits at your disposal. You can offer her the Creative Kits Vials Delicacies, Bracelets Multiranks Bohemians, Jewelry Paper Beads or Jewelry Wooden Beads. With this you will find creative kits to decorate the room and bring a little more colors and glitter.

Then, Janod offers a variety of paint kits on themes that children love! For example, your child will have the choice between Forest Animals, Dinosaurs, Insects, Fantastic Creatures, and Birds. So many choices for guaranteed fun where your child will have fun finding the numbers and spreading the right paint in the right place! Other similar goal boxes, the Janod sand boxes. Your child will have to arrange the colored sand in the right place following the instructions provided to create beautiful paintings with geometric shapes. With this category of Janod crafts, your child will be able to choose to create Savannah Animals, Birds, Forest Animals and/or Dinosaurs. Each of these creative boxes have various shades of color and distinctive to each category that can be mixed between boxes for more creations!