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Discover this paint by number box to create 2 paintings on the theme of Dolphins from the Janod brand.Beginner...

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Product description : Painting By Number: Dolphins

Discover this paint by number box to create 2 paintings on the theme of Dolphins from the Janod brand.

Beginner or experienced painter: everyone can paint with paint by number! Dive under the ocean with the dolphins with this box which contains everything you need to paint 2 paintings, without spending more! Children aged 7 and over will develop their artistic talents and dexterity and create magnificent paintings that they will be proud of.

With 15 watercolor paint pans and a brush pen with water reservoir When it comes to water, painting dolphins is child's play! One of the paintings even has gilding lines, for a truly satisfactory result. There is also a frame to paint, to display your creations on the wall and decorate your room!

How to make one of these superb paintings? Each color corresponds to a number present on each area of the board to be painted. These areas are delimited by contours, sometimes golden, which should not be exceeded: little artists will see an illustration or decoration worthy of the greatest artists appear with each brushstroke! Little creatives will be busy and focused for long periods of time, bringing their creations to life. Little by little they will see a trio of dolphins appear underwater or a superb dolphin jumping out of the water. They will be proud and satisfied to show their favorite paintings to the whole family! It will take approximately 6 hours to complete this beautiful painting. 

It is an ideal activity for a change from coloring and for an impeccable result, painting by number is a creative hobby that will keep young and old busy and offers a moment of relaxation and artistic expression.

The watercolor paint by Les Ateliers du Calme is covering and odorless. With a quick drying time, it offers a poetic rendering to children's paintings. The brush pen with water reservoir is very practical, no need to have a glass of water to change regularly to have a clean brush! We fill the water tank, and when we want to clean the tip of the pen, we use the sponge provided: clever! A marker to reuse for your next paintings once the activity is finished. Animals, dinosaurs, unicorns... With these themes loved by children, everyone has their own box! Let your children's creativity shine with these paintings that are as beautiful as they are colorful.

If you like painting by number, discover all the versions available on our site. 

Contents of the box : 2 paintings to paint (including 1 with gilding details), 1 palette of watercolor paint (15 pans, 1 sponge, 1 felt-brush with water reservoir), 1 frame to paint.

Dimensions of each painting: 19.5 x 0.1 x 23.5 cm.

Illustrations: Jérémy Mariez

  • Reference Janod-J07981
  • Brand Janod
  • Product code ART0000203213
  • Recommended age From 7 to 10 years
  • Packaging dimension 26 x 23 x 4 cm
  • Safety Attention ! Ne peut être utilisé par des enfants de moins de 7 ans
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